High Quality Colonoscopy Exams

Colonoscopy Exams | Gastroenterology Consultants of Augusta, GAProviding high quality examinations in a safe environment is our first priority. We actively follow measures of quality care and review every complication to provide a better service to our patient’s.

Some of the measures of care that we track

  1. Rates at which the last part of the colon is reached (Cecum intubation rates)
  2. Withdrawal times from the cecum.
  3. Adenomatous polyp detection rates
  4. Complication rates  eg. Bleeding, pain after procedures, perforation , unplanned events
  5. Surveilance intervals following colon polyps and cancer
  6. Bowel preparation quality

Current standards for cecal intubation rates suggest 95% or more as a goal. Our rates of cecal intubation in the last year are 98%

Current standards for withdrawal time suggest a minimum of 6 minutes. Our recorded average is 9 minutes and all exams exceed 6 minutes.

Adenoma detection rate standards are 25% for men and 15% for women. Our adenoma detection rate for 2010 is 30% overall.

Current standards for expected perforation rates are .1%. Our perforation rates remain steady at .03% over four years.

These are but a few of the examples of our attention to quality care.

How Uncomfortable is a Colonoscopy?


The assistants to the doctor were very friendly and professional. I commend this staff for their excellence. Thanks


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