Patient’s Responsibilities


  1. All patients are expected to be respectful and responsible for their behavior towards other patients, family, visitors, and personnel of the Augusta Endoscopy Center.
  2. All patients are expected to assure that their financial indebtedness to the Augusta Endoscopy Center is paid in a timely manner.
  3. All patients are responsible for their actions if they should refuse a treatment or procedure, or if they do not follow the instructions given to them by the physician or an assigned Augusta Endoscopy Center staff member.
  4. All patients have the responsibility to provide the Augusta Endoscopy Center with an accurate past and present medical history.  Said history to include, but not limited to, past illnesses, surgeries, hospitalizations, medications, and complaints and other pertinent data.
  5. All patients are responsible to follow the recommended plan of treatment as given by the physician at the Augusta Endoscopy Center, or other personnel authorized by the Augusta Endoscopy Center to so instruct patients.
  6. All patients are responsible for notifying the Augusta Endoscopy Center of any change in their pre- or post-procedure condition.
  7. All patients are responsible for keeping their appointment for endoscopy.  If they anticipate a delay, or must cancel, it is their responsibility to notify the Augusta Endoscopy Center as soon as possible.
  8. All patients are responsible for carrying out their pre-procedure instructions as supplied by the Augusta Endoscopy Center.
  9. All patients are responsible for asking questions when understanding has not been obtained.
  10. All patients are responsible for the disposition of their valuables prior to admission for pre-procedure preparation, as the Augusta Endoscopy Center does not assume responsibility.

Disclosure Statement & Grievance Contacts

How Uncomfortable is a Colonoscopy?


….If “word of mouth” means anything, you certainly have that from my wife and me. I’d appreciate you letting your people know just how much their care and professionalism meant to me during my visit last Friday. Many thanks to you Dr. Cranford for overseeing such a fine medical facility.


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